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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

psychic wrote:

WhirledPeasPlease wrote:

psychic wrote:

I was expecting this to happen:  I logged into my BoA Visa account information this morning, and saw my credit line was cut in half, from $47,000 to $23,500.  I'm not going to bother calling BoA about this. 


I really can't complain, given that $23,500 is still a respectable credit limit.  This CLD shouldn't affect my FICO scores, either. 


I know I'm not alone!


Eh, they sliced my mom's acct from 25k to 12.5k -- it only hurts b/c I'm an AU on that card and I just lost a heck of a lot of avail credit, lol.

That's depressing, Peas.  Is your mom upset over her CLD?  I know I didn't throw a tantrum with BoA, because I couldn't honestly tell them I needed that $47,000 credit line.   In fact, my new $23,500 credit limit is probably much more than I'll ever need!


From what I've been reading on other posts, I should now prepare myself for an APR increase!


I'm not sure she knows.  I talked to her earlier, but that was before I saw the CLD.  I'm sure she's not upset since she's only used 6k of the avail credit on that card.  She has 800 FICOS, is retired and is pretty golden.  She'd have no reason to ever use 25k (unless she were to let me do a low fee BT to get my cards under control, lol).  It might me time for her to add me to another old, high limit card.


I had an APR increase on my BofA, I hope yours isn't too bad.  Eh, we move on..  and on and on and on...


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