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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

psychic wrote:

I'm so sorry to see that happen, hauling! 

Eh, thanks, but like you, I'm pretty well insulated. (Just checked USAA and PenFed, lol.)

I feel bad for those who don't have a lot of alternatives, or who are still trying to pay down balances and get hurt by the lost CL.

I did just check my e-mail, though, and not a peep. Now, this kind of thing does tick me off. Banks have our e-mail addresses, and they should be required to send an e-mail to those who have them at the same moment that they do a CLD, and a letter should be postmarked within 24 hours.

There's really no excuse for failure to promptly notify.

Good old USAA --when they raised APR's across the board, they gave a two-month's heads-up!
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