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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

So I JUST (2 days ago) posted in the "Have you had any of your credit card limits lowered by your credit card companies?" that I still hadn't, and BofA dropped me from $18,100 to $9,500!  I called them, spoke to a lady and asked for my credit line to be reinstated.  She was going to transfer me to a credit analyst, and transferred me to a non-working number.  Oops!


So I called the backdoor numbers in the Backdoor Number thread and spoke to a guy who told me that there was nothing I could do, I wasn't using my CL.  I called back and spoke to someone else who asked me my income, my position, how long I had that position and where I worked currently, and then put me on hold.  He came back about 5 minutes later and told me my limit was reinstated!  It hasn't shown up on their website yet, though.

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