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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

Mike14 wrote:

So I JUST (2 days ago) posted in the "Have you had any of your credit card limits lowered by your credit card companies?" that I still hadn't, and BofA dropped me from $18,100 to $9,500!  I called them, spoke to a lady and asked for my credit line to be reinstated.  She was going to transfer me to a credit analyst, and transferred me to a non-working number.  Oops!


So I called the backdoor numbers in the Backdoor Number thread and spoke to a guy who told me that there was nothing I could do, I wasn't using my CL.  I called back and spoke to someone else who asked me my income, my position, how long I had that position and where I worked currently, and then put me on hold.  He came back about 5 minutes later and told me my limit was reinstated!  It hasn't shown up on their website yet, though.

Good info, Mike!

I'm trying to figure if this makes any real dent in my total CL. I opened a $2500 Blue which is finally reporting, and I browbeat Citi into increasing my Sears MC from the deeply bizarre $1,212 CL to a slightly-less-weird $1800, taking me up to $106,100 before the chop. So the BofA CLI represents about an 8.5% drop in my total CL.

I'm toying with doing a BT from my HELOC again (which is how I started the card in the first place), and if I do, I'll call and tell them that I'll move over more, increasing their fee and APR income, if they'll restore my limit.
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