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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

txjohn wrote:

hauling -


BoA softs me at least every other month, sometimes every month and have for quite some time.  I guess when they see my new accounts pop up they might decide to surgically remove a portion of my CL Smiley Indifferent


Oh well, I would rather proactively branch out now rather than wait and react to them after the fact.  My brother just notified me he got a nice 50% cut in his CL.....$14k down to $7k.  And he has had it over $10k, but then paid down quickly (4-5 months), and usually PIF almost all the time.

BofA has always softed me every 4 months, but it was on EX. This is the first-ever soft on TU for me.
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