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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD
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Hey la, hey la, my credit limit's back!

Just called BofA, gave them financials again (the same ones I gave them first time around, which were accurate btw), and said I'd be happy with any portion of the missing CL back.

They reinstated the whole thing. Smiley Happy

They did ask what I would use the credit for, and I said that the 1.99% BT offer that came the same day as the CLD looked interesting, but that I wouldn't want to try this with just a $9K CL.

I honestly thought that they might go $12K or something, but not the full amount.

OK, time to go see what needs pulling off the HELOC and repaying.

eta: Holy crap, the reinstated CL already shows online. I tried to pay my balance, but it's already too late for it to show today (without going through paying from my bank site), but that's OK, it will go back to $0 (briefly) when the statement drops next week.
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