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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD
One thing to watch out for: I had a $7 balance when I called, and paid it off a few days later. I just use that card to pay for (of all things) my wife's ScoreWatch, and then pay it off before they report, so it shows usage but reports a $0 balance. Well they reported the day after they reinstated my CL (mid-cycle), and my EQ FICO score dropped 13 points because of the balance increase!
Wife's FICO Scores, 7/10/09: TU:??? EQ:634 EX: ???
Wife's FICO Scores, 2/13/09: TU:??? EQ:604 EX: 630
Wife's FICO Scores, 2/05/09: TU:??? EQ:592 EX: 630
My FICO Scores, 6/19/09: TU:757 EQ:744 EX:758 (all from MB; EQ Agrees)
My FICO Scores, 3/29/09: TU:755 EQ:746 EX: ???
My FICO Scores, 2/05/09: TU:??? EQ:730 EX: 720