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Re: Bank of America $23,500 CLD

Mike14 wrote:
One thing to watch out for: I had a $7 balance when I called, and paid it off a few days later. I just use that card to pay for (of all things) my wife's ScoreWatch, and then pay it off before they report, so it shows usage but reports a $0 balance. Well they reported the day after they reinstated my CL (mid-cycle), and my EQ FICO score dropped 13 points because of the balance increase!

Good point!

I already got hit by this when they updated with the new, unimproved $9K CL. I tried to pay off the balance today, but somehow, by 3:36 Eastern they were no longer crediting payments to today's date. I could have forced the payment through today from my bank site, but the statement drops on the 2nd or 3rd, so it will catch up them.

But yes, BofA does multiple mid-cycle updates, and they do them quick like a bunny, so be prepared, whether you're hit with a CLD or a restored CL.
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