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Re: Advice for young person (re)building credit?

I am a BIG NFCU fan!!!  They tend to treat members well with solid CLs. I won't say appy but if you need the CL then NFCU is probably your best bet for a useable CL


I had a derog from 2003 (a paid tax lien) and they issued both a Visa and MC within 3 months of each other (I suffer from the 2 hard INQs though) at a CL of 14K each (the first was instant and the second went to committee but was approved in 1 day) - but I also had 690s on EQ at the time. Both of mine are Plat cards (no rewards).  The rewards cards are automatically a higher APR so if carrying a balance is a posibility then go for rate over rewards.

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