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Re: Oh no! Paid BOA 99/500 card late!

gpeach wrote:
Yeah you have to watch BofA. My date changes a lot. I did that one month too. It was due on the 6th for a four months straight. Then it changed to the 5th. So I paid one day late too once. Now it is the 11th. Sometimes it is due on a Sunday so be careful of that too. I wonder if they do that on purpose to see if you are paying attention.
This scam isn't talked about enough on this forum or in the media and BoA is the worst offender. Congress should forget about regulating interest rates and start with tackling more common problems like this one. I pay my CCs off every week or so, so I personally don't have this problem. But I've seen how easily it can happen if you wait until the day your payment is due. 
I know that with Discover, I can change my due date to any day of the month I want. I think more banks should follow.