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Re: NFCU has a local branch for me in Texas

hobojon wrote:
And apparently anybody can join now.


No, that hasn't changed.  There was some question on eligibility from what some of their CSR's were stating or implying on the phone.  The criteria stated on their website is in fact the requirements.


When I joined, I did so over the phone based upon what the CSR's told me.  However, upon receipt of the "Welcome packet" and paperwork that is required to be completed in person and mailed back in, the state eligibility by the CSR's was not accurate.


I ended up gaining eligibility through my father-in-law (active warrant officer) becoming a member, then my wife, which made me eligible.


Basics are:   you must be in the military, retired (paid) or work for a DoD contractor be a first degree relative of a member.

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