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Re: What to do with AMEX?
I have my ridiculously high Verizon bill on my Blue, and I use it for a restaurant charge, etc once a month. No problems with it.

I used my Gold card a lot for the year that I had it, before switching to the Blue, and never a problem with it, either. There was some fraudulent use of the account number, and they were very helpful --we kept it going for a week or two in hopes that the thief would give up and go elsewhere, but after a few more attempts, we gave up and switched numbers.

I never carried balances or took advantage of the offers they dangled at me, and I always have very low util.

So at any rate, I've never had any problems with them, but I am indignant on behalf of those who've been whipsawed. And I do also have back-up cards when I go out. :smileywink:
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