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Cap One - add as an AU?

First off - Mods if this is in the wrong place then please can you move to the right forum, thanks!


Currently I am an AU on one of my DHs cards (Chase) which has been open for 2 years.  Although it has 40% Utl it has no late payments and that is still older than my accounts (only 1 year as my oldest own card)


My scores have improved a lot and are better than my husbands at this point (adding this AU on chase improved my scores by about 10 points) - he has another older account with Cap One which is 8 years old, currently his balance on it is $1200 with a $2000 limit and it has one late from Sep 2007 (which I have debated as incorrect with Cap one as I made a payment on the account in Oct before the cut off date).


With this high utl and (possibly) a late is it still an idea to add me to the card just to increase the age of my accounts - it's currently a negative when i pull my fico reports.


Or should I wait until I can pay that balance down to a $200 and then add me as an AU?