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Re: Cap One - add as an AU?
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haulingthescoreup wrote:
I would wait until the balance is under control AND the late is gone.

Do you have any lates of your own? I would never, ever willingly add another one to my own collection (all incurred by me.) Smiley Sad

Nope, none of my own.


I am really hoping that I can get that late deleted (would help my husband a lot)


Other than that late and the BofA ones (which I am never going to get rid of until after I have paid off the remaining $4000 left on that account) I have managed to get his other 12 lates taken off based on GW.


I have two small balances of his that I want to pay down first (one is the Chase balance) which total less than $1000 to get him down to more cards with a 0 balance and then I plan on paying that one off next so that his utl is better anyway.  I guess I can wait the couple of months it would take for me to do that.


( i really want those extra 6 and 9 points to get my two scores up to 700 Smiley Tongue )

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