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Re: Cap One - add as an AU?

Well I have the following cards of my own:


Cap One $1500 limit, $100 balance

Lane Bryant $300 limit, $0 balance

Macys $1000 limit (that was $100 a month ago - yay - tho not reporting new limit yet), $0 balance

(just closed my Orchard bank card which was a secured $250 limit with $0 balance and will be getting a check in the next 60 days sometime for the $250... it's a ridiculous length of time to have to wait for the check)

Then the Chase card $1020 limit, $400 balance.


So currently credit available is $ $3820 with $500 balance (13%)


I am getting a refund check from NY State for taxes I paid whilst living there for $250 and the check back from Orchard for $250 - whenever those come in the plan is to pay off everything but $10 from the cap one card to bring my utl down to almost 0.


On top of all that tho I have a car loan which reports to all 3 and has a balance of $13,000 - original loan amount was $16000 in October and I have made some extra payments - I stopped those for now tho so I could apply all the money to paying down DHs existing $10000 of credit debt *sigh*