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Can I app for an CCs?
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Ok. I need some credit right now. Only need a little bit which I'll pay back in a month or two. But theres a couple of bills I need to pay right away. So I was wondering if I can app for any CC. Below is my current profile;


FP - 4 months old. CL - 200/Bal - 0.00

Orchard Secured - 3 months old.CL - 200/Bal - 0.00

Spiegel - 2 months old. CL - 250/Bal - 0.00

BOA AUa/c. - 10 months old. CL - 16000/Bal - 2400


Chase - 4.5 yrs old. Paid/sold to Asset/CO/ Bal - 0

Citi - 4.2 yrs old. Paid current/ Paid as agreed./Bal - 0 / Closed /1-30 &1-60 lates(last two months before closing)


Asset Acceptance - Collecting on the above Chase card. Opened in Jan this year. Will take some time to resolve this one. Tripled the bal to 1870.00


The above is TU. There is an additional collection on EQ and EX other than all of above. Its a BOA checking that went bad.


FBCS - BOA checking collection a/c. Opened 10/2008. Updated in 2/2009. Bal - 822. Am fighting this one too and would be a while. Its incorrect balance.


Latest Scores

EQ - 611 / TU - 653

There would be a score drop as the BOA AU Bal has gone up from1500 to 2400 (UTL has since changed from 92% to 86%)  Just waiting for EQ to update and have an idea from past pulls that TU would now be around 625.

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