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Re: Can I app for an CCs?

nothingman02 wrote:

Susyquk wrote:

I think you will have difficulty with your only "good" accounts being so new and maxing out those cards plus a new one (IF you could get it) is going to kill your score.

Hmm...I am repairing my credit right now and don't really care about my scores. They are not maxed out. You would understand from my credit profile that its not too bad and I can pick it back up. I am concentrating completely in obtaining PFDs for those two baddies. My scores will eventually come. I will take one hit now with some lender.


Do you have anything you could sell? Friends/family you can borrow from? Get an advance from work? Any other alternative?

Nope! I am only a grad student with a part time job. Unfortunately no other options. Ive got my car and my laptop and lotsa books and thats that! Are you interesting in any particular books? Ive got a wide collection Smiley Happy


Ha.  Actually that was one of the things I did whilst I was in school as well as working.  Selling my books to the people in the semester behind me.  If I kept them I was just going to have to move them with me every time I went somewhere else and I really didn't need them any longer.  Some schools have a program where the book store will buy them back from you too.