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Re: Can I app for an CCs?

nothingman02 wrote:

Ha.  Actually that was one of the things I did whilst I was in school as well as working.  Selling my books to the people in the semester behind me.  If I kept them I was just going to have to move them with me every time I went somewhere else and I really didn't need them any longer.  Some schools have a program where the book store will buy them back from you too.

I did sell some books back in UG but mostly never bought any books! That should explain my excellent undergrad now I really do need them all beyond school as well. Its all related to computers and the books are all really associated with a specific field and are all fundamental.I really appreciate your help though. I understand heres trying to figure out a way out of nothing! l was wondering if theres any lender at all out there for my profile but seems like theres none. Guess I will have to step it up with those CAs now..


Yeah mine were undergrad books and computing too - the last semester were really the only ones I kept any of.


No student loans available to you? Or are you maxed out on those already? Have you seen a school financial counsellor about hardship loans or grants?