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Re: Cap One - add as an AU?

haulingthescoreup wrote:
Getting to 9% or lower will probably help.

Do you know your AAoA in months? Have you hit one year yet? That will help, too.

*Maybe* having a $0 balance on your Cap One, so that only the Chase has a balance, would help, although that might not be much of an issue for young history profiles.

What are the negatives, in order, on your FICO reports (screen two)? --besides short history and seeking credit, lol.

Hurting your score:

Short Account History (oldest account 2years (the chase one) AAoA 1 year)
High Credit Useage (15%)
Recently Been looking for credit (2 inquiries in past year)


Number of missed payments 0
Recent use of credit cards
Moderate number of credit cards (3) - this one I don't understand? I have Macys, Chase, Cap One, Orchard, Lane Bryant - it says it includes store cards, bank cards and closed accounts so I should have 5?


I wonder why it is only saying 3 cards :/