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Re: Cap One - add as an AU?

haulingthescoreup wrote:

Your husband's other card is attractive for the age, I understand, but no way do you want to add that high util and late to what you have now. Also, I think Cap One reports AU's, but I'm not sure, so you'd definitely want to know that.

They told me they did (I added him to my Cap one card to decrease his util since I don't really keep a balance on there generally and it won't really effect his AAoA but it hasn't reported yet- this is the first month he has been on there tho)


And yeah, that was really why I wanted to check - I thought that a late may do some damage even if it is over 18 months old.. I will keep trying to get them to take it off and chipping away at that balance and then get myself on there once I have acheived all of those!


Hopefully I should have my balance and his smaller ones paid off this month and then can go to work on the balance on there in June.


Thank you so much hauling for taking the time to reply.