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Giving becu some love.
I finally transfer all my checking and saving to becu from boa.  Wow what a difference to one another.  I should have done this a long time ago.   When I normally schedule to pay a bill online with boa, it would take about a week or so to be posted for the account.  So I would sometime just pay the bills directly at their site.  I schedule my comcast bill on the 15 and logged into my comcast and it show a payment posted on the 15.  Before with boa it would be the 20th.  Also I want to thank myfico for having a great and informative forum.  I've learned a lot  from a lot of people here and wish I stumble into this site when I was finishing college lol.  I had like 80k in debt 3.4years ago and it was great to finally paid it off.   To all the college student, don't buy something that you can't pay relatively fast.  Never pay the min which I did for 8 years.    I love reading all the previous post.  Also unlike other forums not a lot of fighting and yelling at one another.   

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