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Re: Question re: Authorized User
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Thanks for the info.  I had a feeling that it was time to get my name off of my parent's card.  My AAoA on my cards/SL is just over 2 years (without my parents card).


As for my credit score, yes, it's a 703 FICO score.  As for the positives/negatives, the number 1 item is "high credit usage", followed by "number of accounts with balances" and then "short history".  So I guess judging by that, bringing down my util by getting my name off of the AU card should be more beneficial than whatever positive I'm getting from the payment history of the AU card.


I will work on bringing down my util to around 9% as you suggested, though this will certainly take time as I'm currently planning my wedding (everything is so expensive!).


I also just realized that my student loans are showing up as 5 separate accounts on my credit report, even though I only pay one payment on all of the accounts each month.  I guess technically it was 5 separate loans (2 my first year of college and 1 each of the other 3 years), but it's just kind of frustrating that it's showing up as 5 separate accounts.  Perhaps I need to contact my student loan lender and ask about consolidating, though they are federal student loans and I know I won't be able to get better interest rates (already at like 3.9%).  Thoughts?


Oh, and @Hauling, you may want to add this link to your signature: . It's the newly revamped FTC advice site for consumers (I work for the FTC investigating mortgage fraud Smiley Wink

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