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Re: Question re: Authorized User
If you're already over 2 years in AAoA without the AU card, I think you're going to be fine after you drop it.

As regards the SL's, that is one of the maddening things about them, where you have one for every semester. That does impact you somewhat in that you're always going to have 5 accounts reporting balances; thus, the "number of accounts with balances" ding.

But if you have a better deal financially with the current set-up, I don't think you'd want to sacrifice that to please the FICO gods. Financial common sense should trump scoring common sense, unless perhaps you have a major app coming up (mortgage, etc.) where a better FICO score would result in a better financial deal.

But for now, since high util is your first-listed ding, that indicates that dumping the card will be a big help.

Congrats and best wishes on the upcoming wedding!
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