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Re: AUs and now the primary card holder is filing for BK7

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I have been AU on my husband's credit cards since 2003. He is filing BK7 and has about 60k in cc debt.  I have my own cc that I opened in 08/2007, the second was in 10/2007 and the third was in 08/2008. 


In 10/2008 I changed my first name and already reported to the cc lenders and had have cc with a new name. I didn't report to the credit bureaus until 10 days ago. My question ; What is the impact?



What is the impact of which? Changing your first name, or your husband's BK? (sorry to hear about that, btw)

First of all, get off your husband's cards immediately. Most AU cards stop reporting when you come off, although you'll probably have to wait for each one to update again on its regular schedule. If they do keep reporting, call up the bank and ask them to stop. As a last resort, dispute as "not mine." You do not want to have the slightest whisper of a BK indication on your reports.

Secondly, I would definitely add your new name to your credit reports. There might be problems with your own cards updating properly.
What is the impact on my credit report and scores?
I have already changed my name on all 3 credit cards.
I still get  pre-approved letters from credit card companies in both new&old name. 
Won't  it be too late to get myself off from AU because my husband will have a hearing next week.