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Re: AUs and now the primary card holder is filing for BK7
A BK is a score-killer. We're talking easily 100 points, once you add up all the collateral damage.

It might show up temporarily on your reports, but it should then come off. But in case your own creditors soft your reports and see an IIB (included in bankruptcy) notation and freak out, you might want to have him call the banks, have you taken off, request that they update this info to the CRA's, and then dispute the accounts as "not mine" if they do start reporting.

I'm not an expert at any means on how an AU card IIB would affect your scores. I just know that I'd be pretty frantic not to have that anywhere near my reports.

If any member with more specific experience can chime in, please listen to them over me, if their advice contradicts. Good luck!
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