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Re: Uh Oh

creditgotmedown wrote:

My LO just pulled my credit a week ago and we were approved through automated underwriting. He told me that he will not need to pull my credit again.


So, yesterday I was at Home Depot buying some things to make repairs to my house and stock up on stuff needed for the new house.


In a moment of weakness, I applied for and was approved for a $1,000.00 Home Depot Card. Now I'm really worried that my credit score will plummet as a result.


My scores are

EX: 632

EQ: 628

TU: 613


I have $1,000 of credit card debt that is paid off, but not yet reporting on my reports.


What do you think? Will my new cc kill my credit score? Can I close it now without consequence?




Never buy new furniture or fix up stuff for the new house until you have closed on the new house.  And NEVER apply for a new account or put any new balance on an account prior to closing.


Usually your credit will be pulled again just prior to closing to make sure nothing has changed.  Mortgages are very sensitive to new accounts, inquiries, new balances and DTI.  When you change these things, it changes the factors, such as DTI, related to your application.


Once you decide you are applying for a need to avoid any changes, other than positive changes like paying off or down balances, or having GW's or other improvements. 

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