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Best Free FICO Tracking?

Things I have done to track FICO for free:


- The 30 day scorewatch here - loved it. 

- Used to have the WaMu cards - miss it

- Use the on-line calculators for estimate purposes

- Have used one of the on-line lending/borrowing sites (without completing), which gives you an estimate of your score.


Anyone know of any free score-tracking tools?  Any cards that give you your score?  Banks?  I would not be adverse to signing up for a card/bank account.  Also - does anyone know if the scorewatch 30 day trial ever resets and you can use it again?

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Re: Best Free FICO Tracking?
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I remember someone here mentioning that K-Mart/Sears (1 of 2 available cards) has a free legitimate monthly FICO.


EDIT: I did some digging and it's ONLY the HSBC backed cards that offer this perk (TU FICO), NOT the Citi cards.

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Re: Best Free FICO Tracking?
I use some free FAKO for tracking purposes, but it's only tracking my Transunion report, which seems to be the sparsest one, anyway.