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BOA Secured Visa - change to Unsecured
I opened a BOA secured Visa in 11/06. I didn't know about the 99/500 deal at that time but now I know better.
I have been banking with BOA since 1990.
All payments since opening the card have been 100% on time.  Last week I raised my limit to $900 and current bal is $37.
I know that BOA is going to review the account in Nov 07 to determine if it can be upgraded to Unsecured but they advised that I couldn't have any late/overlimits in the last 12 months otherwise they will review in another 12 months.
I checked all of my statements and my Dec 06 statement shows an overlimit charge from transaction date 11/27/06.  This is the only (-) on my statement.
I must admit that it was a complicated card in the beginning as I was PIF when I received statements but a car rental posting caused it to go overlimit one day before I realized that it would happen. I was juggling the payments against a $400 limit and unfortunately this happened.
I got smarter after that and simply made online transfers to always maintain a low utl and ensure no overlimits.
I pulled my TrueCredit report today and it shows a soft inquiry from BOA on 10/19/07.   I don't know if they made this inquiry to check the history of the account or if it was for the CLI I requested to be transferred from my checking account.
Will I really have to wait another year to move this from secured to unsecured or is there anything that I can do to be proactive about this?
I know that I will have to work with them over the phone as local branches don't seem to know much about secured cards.
Any suggestions/recommendations?
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