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Re: BOA Secured Visa - change to Unsecured
bw, imo, if the only way to get a cli with BoA on your secured card is by depositing more money with them, and IF you want to increase your "savings acct." with them, I'd say, why not? Everyone should have a nice healthy savings acct.

If the answer is no, then I'd say no. You have found with your brand new pretty Hooter's card that you are no longer in a position of "needing" what ever the cost, of a credit card. You are on your way of getting unsecured offers. Just be patient. Smiley Happy

The thing I'd be going for(and I will) is to get that BoA card into unsecured status. Thankfully now, you don't have to use it as often, and worry about going over the limit. You have another card you can use with much more freedom.

Elexi, to answer your question: I was able to speak to a CSR with BoA via online chat(that's really neat). And asked her about the 99/500 card. She said as it's not in their normal offerings, but a counter offer. She suggested I apply for the Visa Platinum Plus card, if I'm rejected for that, I'll probably get the partial secure(99/500) offer.I applied, and was rejected for the VisaPlatinumPlus, and the counter offer came in the same rejection letter. I applied for that and was approved. My scores were in the mid 600's(FICO) when I applied.

My strategy is to keep this card spotless, and keep the util to 5%, and see where it goes. Hopefully it will change to an unsecured card in the future. But I'm willing to wait it out, since I don't "need" it.

Hope that helps. Smiley Happy
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