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Re: Do some cards not report on an Authorized user's CR?
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800FICOwannabe wrote:

HaHa!  The first part of that was copied and pasted from an older post in which the OP indicated that Chevron doesn't report AUs...I was attempting to discredit that statement!

Although, DH may be okay with me having a BF if the later would help get me out of debt!!!  Smiley Happy  Just joking!



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This happens a lot. To prevent such interesting misinterpretations, this is how you do it:

--Go the the post that you want to reply to.

--Look right above the poster's name. You should see a white curved arrow and a link called Reply. Click that.

--A text box will open up. When it does, look at the top of the box (not the top of the screen; just the top of the box where you type.) Click the button that says "Quote."

--Their message should pop up on your screen, complete with the poster's name. If you're in Internet Explorer, there is sometimes a slight lag in the quoted message showing. In Firefox, it shows up immediately.

--Once it shows up, hit "enter" or "return" to add a little white space, and then start typing away.

Once you type your reply/ comment, if you want to admire your artistry, click the "Preview" button up at the top of the text box to see what your quote and reply look like. Then slide back down the screen and hit "Post."

It would be really helpful if everyone would do this. It can get awfully confusing for readers trying to figure out who is replying what to whom, especially when things get really flying!
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