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Re: Reopened Macy's account still showing 'Closed' by TU in TC 3-in-1 report

writemikep wrote:
smallfry, that's why I disputed thru TU (and showed the actual TL in my original post).  I think the 3-in-1 TrueCredit report figures the acct must be closed if there is a 'Date Closed' entry in the TL.  TU says the account is open, but didn't remove the 'Date Closed' from the TL.  I can ignore it, as long as it won't neg impact me. 
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So your full report from TransUnion still has a date closed?

(For anyone else reading, never assume that what displays on a third-party credit monitoring service, even one sponsored by a CRA, has accurate info. There are always strange display quirks. That's why we always say that if you see something funky on a credit monitoring report, including a myFICO report, go ahead and pull the real thing.)
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