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Re: Reopened Macy's account still showing 'Closed' by TU in TC 3-in-1 report

writemikep wrote:

Yes.  The TL in my first post is from my TransUnion credit report pulled last night, after they say the dispute was investigated.  Notice the TL doesn't have a 'Remark: Account closed by consumer' line (which would appear below the Loan Type, and just before the History section, when we close an account).  So I'm assuming the 'Date Closed' entry is confusing TrueCredit.  TransUnion says the account is open.  Bizarre (since TC is TU, right?)

This is correct. Since they claim it is verified as open I would dispute again and ask, "Well if you verifed this account is open why are you reporting a closed date." Hopefully the next clerk will fix it correctly.