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Re: Penfed - is that a LUV button???

hobojon wrote:

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I have not received the card.  I was just wondering what would happen if I touched it, like maybe I'd get the cooties if I wasn't supposed to. 

Go ahead an push it. All it's going to do is take you to the app screen.


It is not a "luv button". PenFed has no luv button. If you want a CLI it is an app. They don't just increase your CL either (auto CLI). If you are worthy af six months to one year you will start receiving pre-approved offers, which for at least HTSU and me are truly pre-app and have been accepted and approved without hard inquiry. These offers show up in a box under the "Help" choice on the main menu.

Actually they do offer an auto CLI in a weird way. When they offer you a preapproval for a second card you can opt to have the CL offered to be added to your existing card instead.

creditwherecreditisdue wrote:
What they actually offer you an additional amount of unsecured credit which you can accept in the form of almost any unsecured credit product, including adding it to your existing CC or adding another CC. You can accept all or part of what they offer you. I believe HTSU used her offer to add to her existing CC as did my SO. I took a second CC. All of these offers were accepted and approved without inquiry.

What unsecured products do they have besides credit cards?