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Re: Reopened Macy's account still showing 'Closed' by TU in TC 3-in-1 report
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Ok, just pulled my monthly TC 3-in-1 credit report, and my DSNB/Macy's TL is now showing 'Open' for all three CRAs!!!


So TU did something to make TC report it correctly for them.


However, my AMEX TLs (that got re-aged) are all messed up, because EX didn't re-age the accounts.  SIGH!!!!!!  Will leave them alone for now, and recheck in a month (or after I pester EX). Not too worried, since myFICO reports (that I got today) show accounts correctly for TU and EQ, and EX has been stubborn in re-aging AMEX accts for others.

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