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Re: Reopened Macy's account still showing 'Closed' by TU in TC 3-in-1 report



Since I have become a credit repair junkie (pulling and inspecting reports daily for corrections), I can attest to the fact that the data published by TrueCredit is more volatile that the true Transunion data. On numerous occasions, the TrueCredit information was out of sync with Transunion proper. I was told by TransUnion that the only real data is that reflected in their version of the report and that the TrueCredit folks (although loosely affiliated) only poll the data once a day.


In my case the data has always synced up within 2.5 - 3 days. Remember that the TrueCredit data pulls the real Transunion report once a month and the other 29 or so days it pulls changes still based on the foundation of the once a month report. Sort of like an incremental update system.



I hope this made sense.