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usbank cli

  Does usbank ever give automatic cli's without calling in? My card will be a year old next month and I don't carry a balance. I know some posters last week said to call at the 6 month mark for a 1500 soft pull cli, but I have never called and would just as soon stay under the radar(although they don't seem to be as itchy as some of the other banks). So, if I ever want a cli do I need to call?





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Re: usbank cli
Call them and see what they say!  There are posters on here who are still getting US Bank cards, even in this climate when everyone else is clamping down. 
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Re: usbank cli

According to other posters here, as of the first of this year USBank was still doing automatic CLIs every 6 months. These posters were also told by CSRs that if you didn't receive auto increase you could call and they would be able to see by looking at your account if you were eligible for an increase. If not, they can tell you and offer to do a hard pull to see if you qualify for one.

Call...if not eligible, they won't pull your credit report unless you ask.