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Re: Discover Motiva: Anyone have it? Heard reviews about it?

PenguinGeek wrote:
Because we're in the process of digging ourselves out of CC debt, the Motiva initially sounded appealing, then I got to thinking, "What happens when we paid down?" I certainly don't want to get back into a position of carrying a balance for more than 6 months just to get interest back."

Nowadays, DH and I pretty much stick to just our Amex, respective biz cards and our Chase BP Visa and an occassional use of 1 MasterCard and 1 of our Discovers. We're currently content with current reward offerings and pay all new charges in full each month.

Then I got to thinking for those occasional times when we vacation and want to break up the expenses over a couple of months (instead of tapping the savings that we're rebuilding), it'd be nice to have a friendly BT or balance carrying card handy. For that, I'm considering the Discover Motiva or the PenFed 10.99% no BT fee Visa. I think I may have seen a CapOne card with no BT fees.

Do you plan on carrying a balance longer than 6 months at a time?

Yes, I want to do a BT and I estimate it might take me a year to a year and a half to pay down the balance and the 3.9% APR sounds pretty good.  I don't want to take a chance with a 0% APR for a BT for 12 months because I'm not sure if I can get the balance completly PIF within that time frame. 
As for rewards, I don't need another card.  I have one that I use constantly for cash back/credit on statement.
Question: does anyone know which CR Discover pulls?