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Should I re-open account?
I had a Firestone charge account through Credit First that I opened 1998 and the account was in good standing, according to my CR's.  The account shows closed by consumer.
Would it hurt me or help me to inquire about re-opening this account if they could leave the aging as 1998 - how do I properly ask this? 
One other thing, I'm considering applying for a home loan in a couple of weeks so that may influence my decision to wait. 
The only other CC's I have is a new AMEX and Target card (Sept '07), was approved in Sept for an Orchard card but didn't activate and I closed the acct, and a year + old car loan and Chevron CC, all these accounts are in good standing.  So, my good closed accounts are old and are slowly dropping off.
What do you suggest?
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