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Re: Bank of America CLI the day after I got the card!

ksiss wrote:
I just got my worldpoints platinum plus visa from BOA yesterday, and upon activating it I applied for a CLI on their site.  The card orginally had a $5000 CL, however I wanted to take advantage of the 0% Intro APR and buy a new HDTV without bumping my utilization too much.  So considering I have a $8000 CL with my USAA platinum rewards card, I decided to see if I can match that with BOA.  Upon applying yesterday, it told me to expect the increase in my account within 24 hours otherwise I'd get a response explaining why I was rejected within a week or two.  So I checked my account just a few minutes ago, and voila.......CL = $8000.  Smiley Very Happy
Now I'm wondering if I should've been a little greedier and went for the big $10000.  Oh well......I'll just find solace in the fact that just a little over a year ago I was approved for my first CC.  A Cap1 with a CL of $500 and a 20% APR. Smiley Tongue

...Same here.  I requested a CLI upon activation recently.  My initial CL was $5,000 and upon activating, I asked for an additional $5,000 and was successful in receiving it -

Smiley Very Happy  Congratulations!!