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Kay and Jared jewelers credit cards

Okay, so here's my dilema, I guess...


My fiance and I are getting married in April 2010 and we're beginning to look for wedding rings.  He already had a Kay card, but they wouldn't increase his CL so the sales associate suggest we try a joint application to see what happens.  Well, it got approved for like $5,100; so he now has like $7,000 CL between his personal account and the joint account.


My thing is, I've been secretly plotting to get him a Rolex for his wedding day present (he got me the most beautiful engagement ring, and he's always wanted a Rolex, so I figure I can at least try to get him one).  I know the Jared near where I live is an authorized Rolex dealer, so I was planning on going there towards the end of the year to shop around and probably apply for their credit card to see if I can get a good financing deal.  Now, since I already have this Kay card with a $5,100 CL, how is that going to work when I go to Jared?


I know Jared and Kay are both under Sterling credit card company and I understand that they share the credit limit or something like that.  Since the Kay card I have is a joint account, will I still be able to use that credit limit amount at Jared or do you think it'll be lower since I'll be applying at Jared for an individual account?


Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much in advanced!

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