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Re: Kay and Jared jewelers credit cards
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Hi and welcome to the forum...I will leave out my personal opinion and answer your question based on my experience.  I have both a Kay and Jared's account. I used the Kay card last December when I wanted to purchase diamond earrings as a bday present to myself.  I later applied for Jared's card and haven't used it yet.  I wanted to add some cushion to my debt ratio.  I was initially approved for $800 on both, but recently cli'd to $1200 on both.  I paid off my Kay's within 2months.  I didn't like paying the interest and my earring where more than the $800 limit so my utilization was in deep trouble. AHHH,what it means to be in love.  I wish you the best in life and congrats on your upcoming nuptials!


 Sorry forgot to add,Jared's and Kays are separate accounts but have identical limits.  I could run up the$1200 limits on each card and be in a lot of debt with bling to show for it.  But I won't LOL!!!  I know better than that.  Although, I am going to buy my own diamond ring for my right hand for my bday this year.  Still waiting for my Prince Charming to come along!  LOL =-D

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