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Re: Kay and Jared jewelers credit cards



Congrats on soon to being married and I for one think that it is a WONDERFUL gesture on your part to get your fiancee a rolex. I have always wanted a rolex and or a breitling (whether I can afford one is a completely different story) and I can assure you that your fiancee would absolutely love it, I know I would. Here is another thing, we dont know both of your incomes and what your credit may be like, so yes if YOU think you can afford a rolex and be able to pay it off within 6 months (especially if they give you time period of X number of months interest free) that would be great. You really need to sit down and think if you can afford it and how long will it take you to pay it off and really weigh the option/desire of the want against the desire to live debt free.


The two jewelary stores are different and your card and CL with Kay will not impact your Jared App. Again, best of luck!

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