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Re: Macy CLI after CL decrease?


Goosey wrote:
I had a missed payment a while back which Macy didn't report but they automatically (they told me it was autmated) decreased my CL from $5000 to $1000. They told me that I have to wait 6 months before I can ask for a CLI. Is this what I should do? Wait 6 months? And after 6 months should I ask for my $5000CL back?


you could call back one or more times to try again.  it couldn't really hurt with macy's and you may convince them.  if it is a no go, maybe wait 1-3 mos. still no? then by 6 mos. and with a decent purchase and credit profile you could be a shoe in for a restoring+ CLI. 


 in any case, macy's has been known to sometimes turn the other cheek even after things head south, ultimately with good behaviour you'll regrow the CL whether now or in a few mos. 

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