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Re: Payment Timelines

cheddar wrote:

Cooneyca wrote:
Befpre then it's not really a credit/loan account.  Just an agreement to pay for services.

Technically then, cell phone companies don't have PP to pull your report, yet you can't get any non-prepaid cell service from a major carrier without a credit check.  I think the rationale is that if it's not prepaid, then technically it is a credit account since they are offering one month terms, so they do have PP.  They just don't report becaue they don't have to, and because they would have to pay for it if they did.
Incidentally, a natural gas provider I had in an apartment I moved out of 4 1/2 years ago did report, and to this date it's still updating "OK" every month, even though it does show "closed at consumer's request."
Hey, if they want to give me little green boxes every month even though the account has been closed for years, I won't complain.

Look at it like this, unless youo are getting a pre pay service like Cricket, yes cell phoen companies do have the right to pull your report jsut as utilities do.  You are using services BEFORE being required to pay for them, therefore getting a short term loan of those services or credit.