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HSBC needs to stop hocking their crappy services!
When I applied over the phone with my pre-approval offer the CSR kept harrassing me with offers for Account Protector and Car Loan nonsense and rambling on and on and on...and that I was like, "no thanks, I'm nineteen, I don't need my card protected."
Rep: "But sir, you know, anything could happen, you know this really is a good service."
Me: I'm sure it really is, however, I don't care.  I could understand if I had a legacy to protect from collectors...but I don't even have plans of having kids in the near future.
Rep: But it's only 44 cents for every hundred dollars.
Me: Yes, but that's 44 cents I could be donating to my savings account or Britney Spear's poor kids.
Rep: Do you have a car loan?"
Me: Sure.
Rep: Did you know we offer competitive rates in regards to our Car...
Me: -interrupts- I don't care what you offer, I'm not buying in of your crap.
Rep: But we could save you money in the long run, it really is worh th-
Me: -interrupts- I don't care, I don't care, stop hocking this crap, I don't want it.  I have a bajillion cards and I don't need this stuff.
Rep: That's perfectly fine if you want Account Protector, I can send you something in the mail, you can cancel it in thirty days if you are not completely satifisfied.
Me: For the love of god, are you reading off a script?  I'm not an audience, I'm a person, stop this, just send me a card already!
Rep: and if you change your mind about the car offer, you can -
Me: Please...Can I have my card?
Rep: Have you decided on the design?
Me: Um...what would you recommend?
Rep: A lot of people take the one with the puppy.
Me: I love puppies, I'll take that!
Rep: -laughs- okay sir now I have it all set up for you...
That was pretty much the highlight.
Then I called back to give them my new address yesterday and get my card sent out to me they kept trying to hock stuff to me and I told them I've heard it all before and I'm not buyin'!
Anybody else harrassed like this?
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