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Re: HSBC needs to stop hocking their crappy services!
Yes, that must suck, having to read the script over & over every day. Wonder if they get a small bonus or commission from any takers?
About a month ago I was on the phone with them & getting the never-ending spiel. I got so frustrated that I said 'OK, send it to me', thinking I'd just cancel right away. Well, the material has not yet arrived & there have been no charges posted to my account, but I'm keeping a close eye on it.

haulingthescoreup wrote:
There was a new poster on another thread who is a CSR for Chase cards, or will be until this Friday. S/he quit over being forced to cram offers down victims' --er, customers'-- throats. I always feel sorry for the employees. That's got to be the indoors equivalent of working the McDonald's order window.