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Re: Best unsecured credit card for low fico scores
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Right off the bat, unless you have major unpaid collections I would say Cap1 should be a shoo in.  Annual fee of around $39 for you most likely.... $200-300 CL which should jump to 2k by the first anniversary if you keep your record spotless.   Do the pre-qual application on their site.  There is no hard INQ with that unless you go ahead and apply.
There are many other cards which would approve with your scores, but as you are aware, you can get denied due to having under 2 or so TLs.
You can also read the boards for the BoA 99/500 card.  It is partially secured but does not report as secured.  You should be able to get that but no guarantees.  They will unsecure it at some point if you use it well.
edit: err not shoe on, shoo in!  Mommy mode...

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