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CC Balance Transfer (smart move)
I currently have two CC's with approx 75% utilization.  I have brought my scores up to the mid-600 range after a Chap 7 BK discharge 17 months ago.  I feel I can get a better card with a higher CL (my current cards only have a $600 CL) and am looking at either WAMU or CCCU.  Knowing that it is better to simply pay down the cards and reduce my utilization, I am short on cash to do so and am thinking of transferring funds from the two crappy cards to the new card (if approved high enough) and still keep my utilization under 50% on just the new card (the other two would be near 10%).  Does this make sense and to have a better "spread" of utilization and maybe improve my score?  Or might the FICO scoring system pick up on this and actually lower my score?  I look forword to your advice.
Thank you, Mike