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Re: How to get aCLI by Discover?

haulingthescoreup wrote:

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creditwherecreditisdue wrote:
FWIW Discover softs me on TU.


Figures it'd be the only one where I can't see my softs.  Smiley Sad

Is there a reason why you can't pull your full TU report? --you might well have already posted this; if so, sorry. I can't keep track, lol.


I can pull it via my TU credit monitoring, but they don't show the softs unless to try to dispute something on your report.  So, I used to go through the motions (like I do with EX) and they take you to a fresh dispute copy of your credit report which shows your softs, but then never actually dispute anything.  However, now TU will not let me do that.


With EQ, their reports that you pull through EQ credit monitoring automatically show softs.


Why does TU have to be the problem child?