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Re: USAA rewards credit cards now available to all members

Just want to give a heads up to non-military applicants:


I've been a USAA member for over 9 months.  The CSRs are usually quite good and USAA is a great organization, but some CSRs are not up to speed right now, and you'll get conflicting information on what's available to you, depending on who you speak to.


-One CSR someone on another forum spoke to today wasn't aware non-military can get ANY credit spite of it being in effect since at least February or earlier


 -My CSR wasn't aware non-military could now get the Amex or any rewards card. When I informed her it was now possible and asked if I could convert to an Amex, she seemed a bit flustered and then said I could not convert to an Amex from my MC; I'd have to apply for the Amex, and could then move credit limits around if approved (don't really want another new account).  I did not ask if I could convert to the World MasterCard (or upgrade), so that may be possible.


Just keep in mind when you speak to a USAA CSR that you are now eligible for rewards Amex and MC World credit cards, in spite of what they may say.  My advice:  Join over the phone, but apply for a credit card online after you join.  They only pull a soft inq to join, so it won't be a second hard pull for the credit card.